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Abo​ut Us

Kings Finance is a family owned company based in Hamilton for 15 years, lending to businesses in the Waikato. 

Property Development Loans

We specialise in property development loans for construction companies, mainly residential builds, using a first mortgage for security.  We finance the project from bare land to completion when the property is either sold or leased. 

Business Loans

We also provide business loans using vehicles and plant & equipment as security to give businesses cash to grow.

How do the Property Development Loans Work? 

Generally, lending is up to 12 months.  The loan can be structured so that you don’t have to pay any interest (capitalised) or principal payments until the project is complete, after all, you are not getting income or profit off the investment until completion.

Progress payments are paid to the developer from an agreed schedule as the build proceeds.  Proposals without pre-sales are considered, to ensure the full retail price at completion is realised by the developer, not a middleman, speculator. 

We lend up to 70% LVR (loan to value ratio) and it is extremely rare that we would ask for QS (Quantity Surveyor) reports or registered valuations, saving your money.

Do you provide personal loans?

No, Kings Finance do not provide personal or consumer loans.

The Personal Touch - Face to Face Lending

Being a privately owned non-bank business lender, we understand the need to move quickly and use discretion.  We meet all our customers face to face. This gives us the agility, once we have all the information, to give your business direction regarding your project quickly.

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To make an appointment to discuss your plans, phone Andrew on 07 846​6008 ext 4 or go to the contact page to email us. Or if you’re ready to apply simply apply onl​ine.

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